Seh Calaz who expirienced rough time few weeks ago has given thanks to long time friend and brother Soul Jah Love.

The Ndini Uya Uya hit maker stood by  Seh Calaz when most turned their backs against him.

Seh Calaz became a laughingstock after his marriage with Moirah went on rocks but, friends like Jah Love stood by him.

Jah Love’s prayer went viral as he prayed for Seh Calaz to find strength during trying times.

Calaz took to his Facebook page to thank Chibaba for his heartfelt prayer.

“God bless you star ne prayer and i believe Mwari ndewe munhu wese.

“There is no Seh Calaz without Jah Love and there is no Jah Love without Seh Calaz kwatakabva tisu tokuziva. 

“You stood by me munguva dzinosekwa nevamwe vatinototi family. 

“Ndoda muimbe panhamo pangu chibaba  vamwe vanongouya kuzobata maoko voenda havo amen,” said Calaz.

The act was applauded by the duo’s fans and they have since began advocating for a fresh collabo from the Mbare bred chanters.

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