The tale of two exes Stunner and Olinda has just got heated up.

The two are likely to be inseparable in as much they act as if they hate each other.

Olinda and Stunner broker up years ago and they both moved on.

It appears the UK based socialite and business woman  Olinda is still obsessed with the Godo hitmaker.

Chapel has been throwing shade just to get Stunner’s attention.

A day back, Stunner took to his Instagram to give Olinda a low blow body shaming her.

This follows after Olinda jokingly mocked Stunner on how he cannot survive without her sending money to him.

The two have since been labeled as grown up babies who fail to solve their differences off social media.

Last night Stunner went on attacking Olinda saying he was doing okay without her and he would appreciate if Olinda stopped saying his name all the time.

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