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Prophet Breaks Into Client’s House And Steals Over US$7 000

Prophet Breaks Into Client's House And Steals Over US$7 000

The love of money is indeed the root of all evil.

A self-styled prophet lived true to this bible verse after he broke into his client’s house and stole money.

The self-styled prophet was yesterday convicted of theft after he allegedly broke into his client’s house and stole US$7 400 and R4 600.

The prophet will be sentenced today.

Steven Mururi (34), who pleaded not guilty to the charges, was convicted by Harare magistrate Mrs. Victoria Mashamba after a full trial who ruled that the State had proved its case.

In his defense, Mururi told the court that he never went to the unnamed client’s house by himself, let alone stole the money.

The court heard that on June 10 this year, prophet Mururi went into his client’s room at 55 Buggard Road in Borrowdale, Harare, using a duplicate key and stole property.

Unfortunately for the prophet, all his movements were seen by two eyewitnesses, Brian Mapuranga and Ellena Sapuhana.

The eyewitnesses testified under oath that they had seen him carrying a black and orange satchel into the yard and used a duplicate key to gain entry into the client’s room before he exited it 30 minutes later.

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