Zimbabweans are in for a non-stop drama of the two exes Stunner and Olinda.

The two have been on each other’s necks over the weekend and it seems the drama continues to unfold.

Olinda opened a can of worms to the public exposing ex-hubby Dziva.

The UK based socialite and business woman said Stunner must tell people the truth.

“Stunner akarwara ngaataurire vanhu chokwadi kuti ari kurwara nei.

“Its not my position to tell the world whats eating him up,” said Olinda.

Olinda confirmed that Stunner had an extra marital affair with Dyonne’s sister and the day she will open up will mark the end of Stunner.

Mai Nandi threatened to bring out evidence that Stunner is manipulating Dyonne not to open up on what is going on in their relationship.

Olinda said Dyonne is afraid of the harm she can cause to Stunner’s brand.

There might be trouble in Dziva’s paradise after Olinda confirmed that Dyonne is not home.

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