A Harare man identified as Kudzayi Kadzimu is wanted for selling affected meat.

Kadzimu who poses as Million meats director got the attention of many after his post on Facebook.

The Million Meats director posted a post which many people found disturbing.

The youthful Kadzimu posted:

“Tinotengawo mombe dzinorwara even dzava kuda kufa,” he posted adding his contact details.

Hell broke loose as people demanded to know how would an owner of a butchery look for cattle which are at a point of death or which are infected.

He failed to account for his actions, hence one of his followers decided to make it a police case.

Kadzimu has since responded on his social handle.

Despite the fact that, the post trending is unacceptable in the human society, i would like to thank everyone who is accepting and understanding that this was a GENUINE HACK.

“Ihave been receiving call from all over the world, london, America, south Africa, Australia, zim, etc. Reasonable people are seeing clearly that, i can’t found posting such stuff. Someone sent me :- great destinies attract great enemies and great challenges ” thank you for the encouragement.

“Thank you for the calls, thank you for the messages, i might not be able to respond to every but thank you,” posted Kadzimu.

The latter said he will be sending across proof of how he was hacked.

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