…former employees expose cleric man

Popular SA based Zimbabwean prophet, Jay Israel has reportedly exposed for being a ‘gay’.
The cleric is allegedly staying with one, Tinashe Xavier Mutambira whom he parades as his brother.
The revelations were made by his former employees, Victor and Paul during a scathing exposure after a fall out.
Victor and Paul are alleging that, the prophet Israel stays with Tinashe and it’s his ‘wife’.
In an interview, the duo said:
“Jay Israel is a big charlatan and is dating Prophet Tinashe who is wanted by police over a traffic offence.
“Tinashe and Jay Israel are lovers and there is proof and Israel has nothing written in his name and one of his bodyguards is sleeping with his sister.
“He has 50 registered cards in his name which he bought at Durban workshop.”
Added Paul:
“He had many women at the Durban house and they have photos and Tinashe is wanted for drunken driving because he evaded the police in 2008.
“Jay’s cleaners always pick condoms from his house and they have videos and pictures.
“He is now moving to Johannesburg after destroying the prophets and sometimes he comes live to preach when he is high with drugs.
“We will sue him if he does not apologise,” said Paul.
It is reported that Israel and the two employees failed to reach a gentlemen’s agreement prompting the fall out.
“People are calling us thieves, baby charlatans, Judas Iscariots, we did not betray anyone.
“I made a call to Solomon and Jay Israel that they should give us an apology because they were telling lies.
“I have been serving Israel since June 2016 and have been working very closely with him.
“We were in East London where I was a pastor and as his close man.”
He added;
“He promised to take us to Durban where he would take care of everything, paying us but since we came there, nothing came out.
“He is busy writing on social media that we didn’t sign an agreement, but we had a gentlemen’s agreement.
“We were very respective of him.
“We took the equipment into our possession to keep them before we reached out to him.
“We advised him that we have seen that you don’t want us to be part of his plans.”
“While Paul said:
“I reached him out on Facebook, and he invited me to come to Durban where we talked.
“After we spoke about everything, he them told me to rest and the next day he talk in front of people about everything we had discussed as if he was prophesying.
“I trusted him and I believed in him and he promised to take care of me, and now he is saying these guys followed me.
“He is taking advantage of his evil intelligence, world wisdom.
“We should put this to an end.”
Added Paul:
“He is the biggest charlatan, how can he come and insult prophets, calling them charlatans.
Israel however, made a live video on his you tube page:
“I have been taking you through a journey, I went strong talking about different individuals who are masquerading as servants of God yet they are thieves, robbers, charlatans they do not seek to serve God’s people but their stomach.
“Over the past weeks, I have been coming live together with my brother Solomon and n the process there has been an organisation which has risen in SA and they are launching a campaign against me and Solomon.
“Just a few days ago, they had an online meeting, where they are saying Jay and Solomon must go.
“Even those who were close to me, did not have an idea on what was happening behind the scenes.
“They are not man of God, they are jackals, foxes because they do not serve God, because they do not seek to bring deliverance but they seek to get rich.”
He added:
“There is so much anger in the atmosphere, they have been trying everything to silence man.
“There have been some lawsuits levelled against me, where people were trying to sue me.
“Even up to today, I am in Johannesburg to make sure that these people are brought to book and I am working with different authorities.
“So many meetings are being conducted to make sure they stop us, and we are also making meetings to make sure we stop them.
“I am here to announce that Aluta continua, this is a movement that cannot be stopped.”
He further wrote on Facebook page:
“All I can say is I’m in a very challenging season of my life .Its not easy to face what I’m facing right now but standing on the solid rock called Christ keeps me going .
At times I feel like throwing in the towel and at times I feel like just giving up .This is not for a young man my age .
Some of the allegations laid against Israel include:
Jay Israel’s real name is Jacob Dube
He has two passports with different names

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