Former Zanu Pf member professor Jonathan Moyo who has been against Zanu PF for a while now has opened up.

The former Minister of Higher Tertiary education said he wanted to get names of those who were responsible for his father’s death when he joined Zanu PF.

Moyo lost his father during the Gukurahundi massacre said he wanted to get the names of those responsible for his father’s death.

The former UZ professor said he was close to achieve what he wanted in 2017 before the coup.

“MY FAILED personal mission in Govt from 2000-05 & 2013-17 was to get this CLASSIFIED INFORMATION.

“Names of 5th Brigade soldiers, #MID & #CIO officers who waylaid my father on 22/1/83, tortured & killed him.

“Reports of Chihambakwe & Dumbutshena Commissions. Came close in 2017!” said Moyo.

The professor has been giving the ruling party sleepless nights as he is always up to date on events taking place behind the party’s closed doors.

This has however caused bigwigs point fingers at each other as they believe one of them is betraying them.

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