Father Maera who bedded a senior Reverend’s wife has come out open to apologise.

Maera took social media by surprise after pictures of him in bed with a senior Reverend’s wife surfaced.

Father Maera who is under oath that he must not marry or have an marital affair might be expelled from the parish.

His might be inevitable but young Maera owned up to his mistake.

Maera took to his church group on WhatsApp to apologize to all the affected parties.

He said he was not in his rightful senses as he let the devil took control over him.

Maera apologized to the senior Reverend for bedding his wife and creating trouble in the senior Reverend’s marriage.

Father Maera said he is ready to face any consequences and he is also ready to pay damages to his senior pastor.

The youthful father explained to his fellow congregants how he got carried away and he asked for forgiveness.

It is reported that the senior Reverend have not yet commented on the issue and his line has been switched off since morning yesterday.

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