YOUNG and influential African political leaders such as president of opposition party in South Africa (SA) – EFF -Julius Malema, former leader of biggest opposition in SA – DA – Mmusi Maimane and Advocate Nelson Chamisa of MDC Alliance have shown unity in fighting against maladministration by the current government of Zimbabwe.

The two prominent political figures in SA Malema and Maimane are showing their unwavering support for Chamisa when he speaks against corruption and abuse of human rights by the state.

Recently Malema, Chamisa and Maimane have shared their posts and tagging each other castigating inept governance of Mnangagwa’s administration which has embezzled funds of covid-19 and also abusing opposition members.

You could see solidarity among the three leaders as the South African opposition leaders wrote their tweets in Shona and English showing their displeasure on Zimbabwe government’s corruption and abuse of human rights.

Zimbabwean government has been making bad headlines for the past weeks up to now and this has made these young and vibrant leaders to talk against Mnangagwa.

It is now clear to the world that the ZANU PF led government is inefficient, incompetent, corrupt and evil to a greater extent.

The unity being shown by the young African leaders is a sign of a better continent tomorrow. They are fighting for a good cause. They are fighting against dictatorship, corruption and emancipation of Africa economically and mentally.

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